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From her childhood on Willemien Brand (1967) showed an enormous drive for drawing and painting. In 1984 she was accepted as a student at the Academy of Industrial Design at Eindhoven from where she graduated cum laude five years later. After a 10-years carrier in industrial circles as a designer she started as a self-employed visual artist and designer in Voorburg in 2000, The Netherlands.
One of her most important commissions was a painting, 38 meters long, on the wall of the restaurant of Burgers Zoo in Arnhem. It is composed of a big tigre, flinging around apes, and other animals who are observing the food on the plates of visitors.
Animals form the thematic subject in nearly all her creations. Birds are her favorite animals to paint, simply designed with acryl or mixed media on linen. The animals have an energetic outline and are very colourful.  Willemiens main objective of her paintings is to make people smile and happy. It is characteristic of all her work.
Willemien is very alert for trends in arts. This means that she is observing what is happening in the world around her. If new aspects arrive at her imagery horizon she tries to implement them in her work. Her cheerful figurative work is exposed in galleries in The Netherlands and other countries.  
Other activities include workshops in intuitative painting or live painting sesions for companies. It helps people to relaxe who are working at stressful environments.


Short movie (2,8 minutes) about Willemien Brand and her HAPPY ART. Gives a view at her atelier, work method and her inspirations ..

Photography: thanks to Richard Rademaker (1-5) and Marjolein Lentz (6-8)